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Daisy was the Doomguy 's pet rabbit. The rabbit's head is shown in the end picture of Episode 3: Infernoimpaled on a pike as evidence that the hellspawn have come to Earthbut the rabbit is not specifically identified as the Doomguy's pet. In the end picture of Episode 4: Thy Flesh Consumedthe rabbit's head reappears in the Doomguy's hand. The preceding text mentions that "someone was gonna pay for what happened to Daisy, your pet rabbit.

doomguy head sprite

The original episode 3 ending sequence does not appear in most console ports of Doom. In the Game Boy Advance port, the ending of episode 4 is uniquely displayed instead, even though that port contains no other resources from Ultimate Doom. Daisy is referenced off-hand in an Easter egg in Doomwhere a poster on a wall in one of the multiplayer levels features a generic picture of a rabbit with the caption "REWARD - Lost pet rabbit Daisy", and instructions that if she is found, the fake phone number should be called, which is also in turn a reference to Doom 's original release date of December 10, Each playable character in the game possesses an artifact item as one of their collectable lore entries.

For the Doom Slayer, this artifact is the left hind foot of his pet rabbit Daisy, whom the game states was "killed by marauding demons when their invasion of Earth began. Daisy makes a small cameo appearance on the full cover art for Doom Eternal. She is seen on the far right hand side of the image running away. On January 21,Hugo Martin confirmed that a hidden bunny would be a featured secret in every level of Doom Eternal.

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Please don't put requests here! Thank you! I'm sick of losing them now and I've had to search for these about 5 times in the past. Also here's my Blood hands collection: Contains one or two edited hands by me, but mostly these are straight out of Blood. I didn't make any of these, and I forgot who did. Regardless, they're useful. Here's a couple I did make, though. Credits go to whoever made that gloved fist.

doomguy head sprite

I think it'd be pretty cool if we made a full set of some un-gloved doom guy hands. Like, with the ring on and everything. Or something that a mage would use as hand sprites? Those are useful, as well. Those would be useful. There are some good hands in this thread though, they would just need to be trimmed of the weapons. I still can't figure out why Corvus has gloves in the player sprites but not the weapons. Board index All times are UTC.The Doom Marinecommonly known in the fan community as the Doomguy and referred to as the Doom Slayer in later games, is a fictional character and the protagonist in the Doom video game franchise of first-person shooters created by id Softwareand its sequels and spin-off media.

He is a space marine dressed in green combat armor who rarely speaks onscreen. Considered a symbolic and iconic protagonist and character, the original depiction of the Doom Marine does not have a defined personality and barely portrays a predefined character. The Marine is not referred to by name in the original game. Romero described this choice as increasing player immersion: "There was never a name for the [ Doom ] marine because it's supposed to be YOU [the player]".

Tom Hall's original design draft, "The Doom Bible", described several planned characters, all of whom went unused in the final version. The sole non-playable character, Buddy Dacote, bore the most similarities to the original game's eventual protagonist. In the finished productthis nearly happens to the Marine in the final level of the first episode, but you continue your adventure in episode two.

After being ordered to fire upon unarmed civilians, the Marine in Doom fatally punches his commanding officer and is transferred from Earth to Mars. He would go on to be the only survivor after battling on Phobos, Deimos and through Hell, ultimately teleporting to Earth where he discovers that Earth has been invaded by demons.

On the box art for the original Doomthe Marine is portrayed as muscular, wearing green armor and a light grey space helmet that conceals his facial features. The Marine is firing a machine gun of which doesn't make a appearence in the final game, and fighting a Baron of Hell.

This image, with the addition of a shotgun clutched in their left hand, is carried over to the introduction screen of Doom. The player's in-game avatar, as seen in multiplayer mode and in the ending of Doom II: Hell on Earthis based on this depiction.

In multiplayer mode, the character wears green, red, brown and indigo. In DoomDoom IIand Final Doomthe Marine expresses little emotion at the horror unfolding around him, maintaining a stern and alert glare, eyes constantly darting left and right. When he takes damage, the Marine's reaction is a mixture of pain and anger. The Marine grins upon picking up a new weapon, and the most emotional face is seen when the Marine suffers 20 hit points or more taken away during a single attack, showing a shocked face.

However, whilst id Software chose a somewhat generic, male pictorial representation of the character for cosmetic as well as gameplay purposes damage feedback, story transitionsthe identity of the Doom Marine is meant to represent the player themselves and so these depictions should only be considered illustrative of the character and not a depiction of what the character looks like.

John Romero has been quoted as stating, " The Marine in Doom 64 is less muscular, with slightly modified green armor with black highlights, a black helmet with an antenna and a blue visor.A rendition of the protagonist on the Doom cover art. In all the games sans Doom II RPGthese protagonists are futuristic marines that are never specifically referred to by name. A different way of referring to each protagonist is as the "player," although this is a technical denomination similar to that of the player character in role-playing games.

And so, the player knows the player isn't the only marine and will see a bunch of other marines that were killed on their missions. The Doom Marine of the classic Doom series originally had no actual name because, according to John RomeroThe protagonist is supposed to be the person playing Doom. The only game to give the traditional armored male marine a name is the Doom RPG series in the second however the player can select one of three people, two marines, and a scientist.

Tom Hall and John Romero have since confirmed that he is actually one of the Blazkowicz clan, descended from B.

Blazkowicz Doom RPGand Stan Blazkowicz are two separate individuals apparent clones or relatives this is made more clear by the Doom II RPG comic in which it refers to the Mars Incidentand that there were no known survivors at least no known that UAC was willing to divulgeand Stan Blazkowicz had not previously encountered the demons. There are other Marine characters introduced in some of the Expansion Packs as well.

In the literature, the Marine of Doom novels Flynn Taggart and Doom 3 Novels John Kane are inspired by the Doom Marine character from their respective games but are given different past histories, and events do not follow exactly like the games, including many different outcomes.

Taggart story merged details from both Doom and loosely inspired by Doom II taking a different route from the game ultimately Deimos is in hyperspace rather than Hell, with much different set of events and no Daisy, and Demons are actually aliens from another planet. In the Quake series the classic marine is given the code-name Doom characterand battles alongside and against female marine Crashand fellow marine Phobos character the latter possibly inspired by one of the four co-op doom sprite skins colors.

The Doom Marines have rather impressive acrobatic skills. The introduction of "jump" and "duck" controls in source ports such as ZDoom and Skulltagalthough not canon, seem to quash the widespread rumors of the s that the Doom marine was a paraplegic transporting himself by a rocket-powered wheelchair. In the first two Doom games, the protagonist appears to be left-handed.

In addition to gripping his weapons left-handed, he punches with his left fist. However, this is contradicted by the cover of Ultimate Doom, where he is firing his gun with his right hand while clutching the air with his left. Oddly, the in-game version of the cover shows a near-exact copy of the physical cover but has the Doom marine holding a weapon in his left hand as well. More likely the marine is ambidextrous as he's seen operating the shotgun weapons with his right hand on the trigger.

In Doom 3the marine is right-handed, with all the weapons appearing on the right side of the screen. This could have been due to the fact that most shooters have right-handed players, and having a left-handed character could have been disorienting to gamers.

In the original series, the protagonist is only ever referred to as "Our Hero" in the game ending, and strategy guides. While the manuals indicate that he is a Marine. Understandably, many arguments have been made over the proper name for the player characters, or as to whether names would be appropriate at all. The original story and in-game text screens by id Software are composed in the second person, suggesting that there is no definable "Doom guy" and that the character simply stands for whoever is incidentally playing the game.

John Romero has pointed out the main reason for the lack of a name for the game character by stating the following: The less you know about him, the more likely you as the player will feel free to invent your own personality for him. In the early Doom Biblea character named Buddy Dacote is described in a way that, of all the characters described, makes him most similar to the game's eventual protagonist.

The Doom Bible notes that Dacote stands for Dies at conclusion of this episodeand correspondingly the marine in the finished game seems to die or to be close to dying at the very end of Doom 's first episode, Knee Deep in the Deadas a result of the final ambush in the dark room after taking the anomaly's demonic teleporter.

According to Tom HallBuddy was meant to be the character that foreshadowed bad things ahead through fuzzy HUD transmissions for the player, and occasionally telling what to do. The player was supposed to try and to get to him, and when they did, the boss at the end of the episode shredded Dacote in half.

Other products that extend the Doom franchise to provide a name for the main character. The Doom novels roughly based on the classic games give the marine the name of Flynn Taggart.Doomguy holding Daisy's head at the end of Thy Flesh Consumed. Daisy is Doomguy 's pet rabbit. In the classic Doomthe rabbit's head is shown in the end picture of Episode 3: Infernofirst in a docile setting, resting in a sunny field, then in an instant turnaround, decapitated and its head impaled on a pike as evidence that the hellspawn have come to Earth.

The rabbit is not specifically identified as Doomguy's pet at this time. It is here that the game mentions "someone was gonna pay for what happened to Daisy, your pet rabbit". Due to the lack of any previous mention of this in the Episode 3 text, this would appear to be an example of retconning. Nothing is really known about Daisy, or how it came to be with Doomguy, as well as its past with Doomguy or its meaning or purpose in the game other than just a cinematic ending.

However, many theories have come and gone over the years, many having to do with the bunny shape on the burning building. Daisy is more or less a mere ending for the Doom series and most likely means nothing in general.

Many state that the pike is none other than Doomguy's arm, however many discredit this as it makes little sense to as why he would do it and how the bunny got from the field to the front of the city. In truth, however, it is just a wooden spike. There are other theories stating similar things but none can be proven as not much is known about Daisy itself. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Daisy in Action Doom. Daisy on the Inferno end screen.

Other appearances A poster on a wall in one of the Doom multiplayer levels shows an image asking for missing Daisy and offering a reward. The phone number is the original release date of Doom. In Quake ChampionsDoom Slayer 's bio says he still angry for having lost Daisy, and carried around her rabbit's foot. On July 23rd,the official DOOM Twitter released a mysterious tweet reading "justice for Daisy", leading some fans to hope that the rabbit will be included in Doom: Eternal in some fashion.

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doomguy head sprite

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doomguy head sprite

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Doom's protagonists

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In The Mind of: Doomguy

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